Falcon Community Services

We recognize the greatness of the United States of America, the state of Alabama, and all the great cities and communities around the Birmingham area. But we also acknowledge the need for collective efforts to enhance the safety and quality of our neighborhoods.


How do we accomplish this great feat? Well, at the core of our approach is collaboration!


Believing that the revitalization of American neighborhoods occurs incrementally, organizations, local municipalities, state and federal entities, and corporate partners are joining forces. A2Z Communications and Falcon Community Services champion the fundamental idea of people working together for a common goal. Our role is to provide the necessary technology for alerting, responding, and managing both disaster and everyday events.


Throughout the years, we've developed various programs centered on collaboration between those in need and those capable of assisting. Contact us and we will delve into these radio technologies and explain how they can benefit you, your family, and your company!

Thank you for visiting. We are eager to be of service to you!


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