The term "shared infrastructure" may be a recent addition to the lexicon of school operations, but it is simply the idea of pooling resources leading to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness in acquiring and operating safety systems.


In the past, different entities such as counties, cities, manufacturers, merchants, churches, and schools each had their own distinct "security systems" or sometimes no systems at all. However, advancements in wireless security systems now enable various user groups to collectively utilize a common resource for notification and control.


The crux of the matter is that devices like our VoiceTXTR-SC empower multiple users across different locations to employ a central controller for system management. When coupled with a public safety network, the VoiceTXTR-SC can cater to ALL schools, resulting in substantial cost savings. Remarkably, a single VoiceTXTR-SC can extend its services beyond schools to include county and municipal offices, churches, high-risk business locations (such as banks and convenience stores), and even industrial plants.


The pricing of a VoiceTXTR-SC is very affordable and can be shared across businesses, municipalities, or other entities in a close area. Service is contingent on the type of public safety radio system used. Contact Candace – for more information about how we can help you!


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