Radios and Call Buttons

Enhance School Safety with 2-Way Radios!

For swift assistance in critical situations, a reliable link is indispensable – and that link is a 2-way radio. Facilitating this connection, along with complementary services, is our expertise. Many schools already employ radios primarily for administrative, bus loading, and maintenance purposes. In many instances, these systems can be repurposed for security applications with minimal costs, starting by obtaining the appropriate FCC licensing.


Regrettably, many schools are unaware of the FCC licensing requirement, which can lead to embarrassing and costly oversights. Our services commence with a review of your licensing status and an assessment of your communication capabilities within the school, with other institutions, and with local law enforcement. This service is provided at no charge.


Most school safety radios operate in the VHF or UHF frequency band, depending on interoperability with other local users. However, many schools tend to prioritize price over selecting the right model for the job. Furthermore, the actual "cost" of a 2-way radio encompasses more than the purchase price – it involves five elements defining the "cost of ownership."


We can craft a straightforward and informative price guide to assist you in choosing the right radios for your school. Contact us, and we'll arrange a demonstration and site evaluation to ensure you get what you need before making any purchase or upgrade.



Enhance School Safety with Call Buttons!


Ask us about our Call Buttons. We can provide several popular devices designed for urgent assistance. The effectiveness of HelpAlert Call Buttons can assist when dealing with disruptive individuals when a phone or radio cannot be easily used.


We offer three models, including a desktop/under-desk call box that is reasonably priced. This model operates for up to a year on battery power with no wiring required. Optionally, a two-function model is available with lockdown message-sending capability.


For personal call buttons for multiple individuals (e.g., Receptionist, Principal, Student Advisers), a single HelpAlert Call Box can be used along with personal call buttons, offering a cost-effective alternative to placing HelpAlert units in each office. More information is available here.


Additionally, we offer a more robust system called AlarmAlert for larger schools, and we can provide teacher call buttons in individual classrooms. For more information, contact Candace -



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