Access Control

Access Control doesn't have to break the bank; you have affordable options! Instead of spending thousands, consider a cost-effective solution using a Wi-Fi camera. With this inexpensive option, you can conveniently monitor your entrances from anywhere in the building using a smartphone or tablet. Traditionally, controlling access meant physically going to the door or using a button in the front office. Now, with our Q-Box controller, you can manage access directly from your 2-way radio! The Q-Box, available in High-Visibility Green or Basic Black, can be mounted anywhere. It operates with a 12 VDC power supply commonly used in magnetic door lock systems or with three easily replaceable "D" Cell alkaline batteries, lasting up to 7,000 activations before replacement. Click here to find out more.


Additionally, we provide practical and budget-friendly mass notification solutions that enable radio control of wired intercom and PA systems. We can also integrate wireless PA systems to cover remote areas. Contact us about our EvacALL solution!


Interesting enough, the government enforces safety standards for places like manufacturing plants but doesn't apply the same standards to schools. We believe swift notification and evacuation are just as critical in schools. That's why we present the EvacALL wireless notification system, utilizing LoudMouth technology to quickly alert large groups during emergencies. EvacAll aligns well with OSHA safety standards (20 CFR 1910.165(b)) for mass alerting. EvacAll offers three alerting methods: a flashing strobe light, an audible musical alert tone, or a voice message. The system uses a wireless VHF or UHF receiver, coupled with an internal message recorder and playback unit, connected to a high-powered audio amplifier and directional horn speaker for maximum audio in noisy areas. The activation is done using the CS100E personal 2-way radio with an internal alert generator. Find additional information here!


Optionally, we offer the LPA adapter for use with existing PA systems. For less than a thousand dollars, a standard wired PA system can be activated by 2-way radios and/or wireless call buttons. Call us at 205.854.2611 for more details.


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