Safe Schools Overview

Our primary focus is ensuring the safety of students and staff, and we excel at it, surpassing others because we can respond to emergency needs in 10 seconds or less! While implementing safety plans, securing doors, and installing cameras are essential, the crux of an effective safety program lies in swiftly identifying and reporting needs, and ensuring prompt assistance where required.


While active shooters are often perceived as the major threat, everyday issues are demanding immediate attention. Our role is to assist you in handling ALL safety emergencies. For instance, how do you swiftly address disruptive individuals with a single School Resource Officer (SRO) covering up to three schools? Some schools lack a direct radio connection to an SRO, relying solely on cell phones. Certain schools may not even have an SRO or radios.


Consider lockdowns – how quickly can your school secure its premises or relocate students in the face of severe weather, fire, or an escalating situation? Almost daily, school administrators face threats of assault, litigation, or reports based on misunderstood comments, leading to severe consequences.


Curious about cost-effective ways to significantly enhance safety for both students and staff? We provide sensible solutions for everyday needs. Explore our website, starting with understanding the core of a safe school system – or reach out to us at for more information. You'll appreciate the difference!


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